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The GHBot is one of the most advanced Betfair Automated Betting Bots available.

Boasting 100's of features that will allow you to automate almost any betting task on Betfair.

The GHBot has passed Betfair's stringent API tests to ensure it works with their system perfectly. Add to that our own safety features there has never been a better bot to use on Betfair.

From basic Backing to advanced trading and Dutching. The GHbot can do it all for you automatically.

Back, Lay, place, Dutching and even Trading can all be handled easily but GHBot's built in advanced staking features coupled with it's excel staking strategies means almost any type of betting can be handled.

You can use a fixed stake, percentage of bank, liability and even choose different stakes for different price ranges with the GHBot and with it's range of Stop/Profit and Stop/Loss features it is really safe to use.

Covering all major sports including Horse Racing, Grey Hounds, Football and Tennis.

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But GHBot is only one of the automated solution in our Horse Racing toolbox...

Bonus 1. TJ Profit Finder NG - Value £97 per year

If you want to find out who's top when it comes to Jockey Trainers and Jockey and Trainer Pairs?

Then that is the one purpose TJ was created for.

Not only will it give you a report on the most profitable Jockey Trainers and Jockey and Trainer Pairs it will also allow you further drill down using the 30 in-built filters.

This advanced tool also creates reports using our famous "Results Sheets" and gives you a link to automatically follow any Jockey Trainers and Jockey and Trainer Pairs that meet your selection criteria.

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Then there's the PR Ratings...

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Bonus 2. The PR Ratings - Value £19.99 per month.

PR Ratings V2.0 is an amazing training aid allowing you to analyse "racecards" and use the special ratings to pick winners.

• Full statistical information going back to Jan 2015 on all "Handicap" Races so you can try your skills at any time. (Once you come up with an idea try it over 1000's of records)
• It has Several ratings systems (to help you get a head start on selecting possible winners.)
• Snapshot prices taken at 6am and 11am. (This gives you markets for looking at steamers and drifters and can be compared to the Betfair SP price)
• Full horse racing history (allowing you to decide if the horse could win or place at the course)
• 16 Filters (and growing allowing you to only select the runners and races you are interested in)
It’s never been this easy to look at the daily race cards and select runners.

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Don't forget about Betfair timer...

Bonus 3. Betfair Timer Tool Value - £47 per year

Automatically logs Betfair prices at regular intervals so you can find out:

When is the best time of day to bet on your selections?

Is there opportunities to trade out with profit at certain times of the day?

Can the prices of other runners affect your outcome?

Should you consider dutching or selecting more than one runner?

You can make informed decisions when you know the best time to bet on your selections!

The BF Timer allows you to gather important information about the racing and even build up your own library of race price information.

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But that's not all...

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Bonus 4. The Greyhound Software (Research Software) - Value £47.00 per year.

If greyhounds is your thing then check our research software.

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Bonus 5. Trainer Profit Finder - Value £47 per year

A simple way to find profitable trainers then analyse their results.

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Bonus 6. Jockey Profit Finder - Value £47 per year

A simple way to find profitable Jockeys then analyse their results.

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The GHBot site is the complete solution...

"Hi Malcolm,

I thought you may be interested to hear of my recent experience with PR ratings and the GHB.

At the age of 62, when it comes to technology I am a Dinosaur!! 

It took years for me to be able to trust a calculator, and I have always been a pen and paper kind of man!

My greatest claim to fame is that I have been using the GHB for many years, even though all my selections were entered manually everyday.

I was introduced to the wonderful world of PR ratings a few months ago, and I have found it to be amazing, I run 11 GHB's each day, mostly for systems that have been shared or created by PR ratings, but again, always with manual selection entry!

Recently I moved house, and on the run up to the move, and beyond, time was extremely short, so one day I decided to take the plunge, and use the GHB links that PR ratings creates for every system it produces.

I figured that a numpty like me wouldn't be able to set the GHB up anyway, but it was worth a try.

Well, what can I say?

My world has been transformed!!!

Instead of spending ages each morning with pen and pad, recording all the various system selections, and then manually entering them into each GHB, I simply fire up the GHB's, and a couple of mouse click's later the GHB goes off and does it's thing, whilst I go off and do mine!!

For someone who has always struggled with automation, this is simply insane! If I leave the GHB's running they simply keep doing their thing, day after day, tirelessly!

PR ratings are fantastic, as is the GHB, but put the two together, and in auto mode, they are simply mind blowing!

Malcolm, you really couldn't have made it any easier, and if a muppet like me can use it, then is truly is idiot proof.

I even have a GHB running each day, following your trading method. I have absolutely no idea how it work's, but I don't need to, I simply copied the link you provided into the GHB, and each day off it goes to do it's thing. It doesn't win everyday, but the profit is growing steadily.

So, with PR ratings you really have all the tools to create successful systems and angles, add to that the GHB, plus an owner who is constantly looking for ways to improve the software for members, fantastic back room "techie" staff and excellent customer support, the Facebook group where people come together to help each other, and finally the facility to fully automate the whole process, and it really doesn't get any better!

Malcolm, in times gone by you would have been burnt at the stake, for you truly are a Wizard! I look forward to the day when you start turning lead into gold, but then again, with PR ratings and it's associated tool's, maybe you have done it already!!

Good luck,

These are tools that have been specially put together to help you create your own systems or to save you time.

And in the case of the free systems, even to give you a chance to make some profit.

That's over £300 worth of tools just sitting there waiting for you to make your life easier.

But you don't have to pay a penny extra they are all included as part of the GHBot service.

And YOUR first month's subscription to the GHBot is just:
£27 (less than £0.57 per day) £17.00

30 day introductory offer
GHB 30 Days
Yes please let me take advantage of your low price 1st 30 day introductory offer of just £17
  1. I understand that this entitles me to full use of the GHB bot and all bonuses listed above  
  2. I know that if I decide to cancel my subscription at any time I can do this by using the simple button in the members area.

  3. Add the GHBot to your cart for just:
    £27 (less than £1 a day) £17

By ticking this checkbox you certify you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and wish to start your subscription at the rates specified.

If you decide to carry on using the bot after the first 30 days, you will then be charged £27 (less than £1 a day) and £27 every 30 days for as long as you subscribe.

New one year option

1 Year Option
Just £197

GHBot 1 Year
Yes please let me take advantage of this 1 year option
  1. I understand that this entitles me to full use of the GHB bot and all bonuses listed above, the members area, PR Ratings V3, TJ Profit Finder, SPB System Builder, Dutching Software, Scoring Power Tool.  

  2. Add the GHBot to your cart for just:
    197 Today (A massive saving of £167.00 on monthly price)

By ticking this checkbox you certify you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and wish to start your subscription at the rates specified.

Prefer to use PayPal? Simply login to your Paypal account then go to "Tools", then "Send Money" select "Paying for goods" and then use the email address and send £197.00. Plese add a note "Payment for 1 year GHBot. We will then set your account up on receipt of payment (well within 24hrs).

This gives you a full 1 years use of GHBot and all the bonuses and updates and includes "SPB System Builder" as an extra bonus

It goes without saying that during your membership you will be entitled to any updates to the Grey Horse Bot, PR Ratings, TJ Profit Finder etc.

Hi it's Malcolm Here

I am the creator of the GHBot and all the tools and systems that belong to the GHBot Family.

My goal has been to give members of GHBot everything I think you would want to save you time and get ahead of the average punter.

These aren't just old tools that have been thrown in as a bonus just to get you to join us...

...Not at all. In fact many of these bonuses I up-date continually. Especially ones like PR Ratings where members are always asking for extra features.

Just recently the GHBot was updated to handle "Dutching" better because PR Rating users were finding some very interesting system .

But we are all about helping our members.

If you need any help then you can contact us through email, help desk, phone (certain times) and even facebook.

So if you want to save time by letting the GHBot take over your betting and have a chance to find your own systems instead of relying on tipsters then the GHBot toolbox is for you.

To make it even easier I have now started to pre-configure the Greyhorse bot so that you can get started quickly.

I really do hope you can join us.

Until next time.


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Please "Gamble Responsibly"

Betfair official API vendor

The GHBot uses Betfair so you will need an account with them before you can use the Grey Horse Bot.
You will also need to be operating the bot from a Betfair approved location.- Some European countries and the USA are not permitted to use the betfair exchange.
Please see betfairs own terms for clarification.


PC running Vista(tm), XP(tm), Win2000(tm), Windows(tm) 7, 8,10 or 11. The software needs to be running and connected to the internet while monitoring races.