2 Easy Ways to Pay...

The GHBot service includes all the advertised bonuses.

This gives you a full 1 years use of GHBot and all the bonuses and updates and includes "SPB System Builder" as an extra bonus

It goes without saying that during your membership you will be entitled to any updates to the Grey Horse Bot 

Sorry, we are not taking on any new members at the moment.

Hi it's Malcolm Here

I am the creator of the GHBot and all the tools and systems that belong to the GHBot Family.

My goal has been to give members of GHBot everything I think you would want to save you time and get ahead of the average punter.

These aren't just old tools that have been thrown in as a bonus just to get you to join us...

...Not at all. In fact many of these bonuses I up-date continually. Especially ones like PR Ratings where members are always asking for extra features.

Just recently the GHBot was updated to handle "Dutching" better because PR Rating users were finding some very interesting system .

But we are all about helping our members.

If you need any help then you can contact us through email, help desk, phone (certain times) and even facebook.

So if you want to save time by letting the GHBot take over your betting and have a chance to find your own systems instead of relying on tipsters then the GHBot toolbox is for you.

I really do hope you can join us.