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About Us

12 years ago we got interested in online betting.

Around the same time the betting exchanges were taking off and Betfair came up with this clever idea of letting software connect to their site through what is referred to as and API (application programming interface).

With a background in programming this opened up the world of Automatic Betting and so the Grey Horse Bot was born.

Actually in those day’s it was called the GreyHound Bot because we specifically created it for the greyhound Betfair market.

When people heard through one of our old blogs what we were doing they became interested and asked to use it.

But before we ever released it to the general public we had to make sure it was safe to use.

Betfair of course have their own stringent testing on official software that accesses their API. Add that together with our Stop/Loss and unique features you will see we created a product that our users could trust day in and day out, to place their bets for them and to stop as soon as they wanted it to.

That was years ago and since then the Grey Horse Bot has grown to cover most sports on Betfairs API and to give the user (and us) a range of features that will allow them to bet how they want to.

These features grew from our own needs but more importantly from the needs of our customers which turned the Grey Horse Bot into a truly unique product.

A bot that is just at home trading as it is placing a normal bet.

A bot that can use a fixed stake to one that can be controlled from an excel spreadsheet creating very complex staking plans.

A bot that is capable of automatically picking a selection based on your preset requirements to allowing you full control over the selection you want.

Our safety standards are second to none and the Grey Horse Bots ability to keep betting continually for months without stopping is the reason a lot of professional system developers, use it.

The story continues…

A couple of years back we had become very frustrated in not being able to get the horse racing information we wanted through normal means…

So we decided to create our own in house database.

We “bit the bullet” and started paying for our own daily feed that allowed us to start combining the power of the Grey Horse Bot with our own in house specially created tools.

We created a special “linking” system that can automatically query our in house database and give our customers an instant way of getting the selections they need.

As a member of the Grey Horse bot community you will be able to take advantage of software that allows you to do things like:

Find the most profitable jockey and trainers.
Automatically download selections that meet your criteria
Use our in house ratings to find specific runners to back, lay or place.
See daily form information on every runner to make better decisions.

You can see all the tools that come as a bonus here.

If you take betting on horses or other sports serious then you will know any tool that can help you get matched quickly and efficiently is going to help you big time.

Our database has gradually grown and now has over 2 years worth of data and results from over 280,000 (growing daily) runs.

Having this information has allowed us to create one other outstanding product.


We are proud of our technical support and giving our customers all the help they need.

If you need any help whatsoever then we have 2 contact points.

If you have a question or need help then please getting on contact.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us.

Malcolm & the Grey Horse Bot team.