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You have probably wondered when are the best prices available on Betfair?

Do you know?

A lot will depend on the selection.

We all know many prices steam or drift throughout the day.

And there have been plenty of articles written about the subject of steamers and drifters.

One thing seems sure you shouldn't back steamers blindly!

But unless there is a particular reason why you have to wait until right before the off before placing your selection...then you really should be testing prices at different times of the day.

I normally always do this and often find a better time during the day that will can give me a slightly better price.

Hint: 11 am.

But it’s not always easy.

Which is why...

... I am just about to launch a new tool to help you do just that.

This tool allows you to automatically records prices as often as you like during the day.

It should be ready by about Wednesdays.

As always it’s free to GHBot members.

On another note have you been following my free weekly systems?

Well here is one you may want to check up on.



Just a quick heads up we are just revamping the GHBot website and have decided when we do the new launch we are going to discontinue the “pay only once” option.

So you may want to check it out before it’s too late.

Here is the link: