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Yep I finally got the weekly systems sorted out to make them easy to get to.

At last!

Nice and neatly in the members area.

Links and all...

So I have been creating these weekly systems (almost weekly) .

And I have been meaning to sort them out so they are easy to get to because they are only going to be on open trial for a few weeks.

Anyway yesterday I finally got them all into one place in the GHBot member’s area.


There are 5 back systems and 3 place ones so far.

And tomorrow there will be another new one added.

I am also going to add then into

Racing selections is my special service which I only open now and then and already contains a few systems.

One is the “4 trainers system” which has been running in the service since the start (nearly 2 years) has made 175 points over just the last year.

Very nice : - )

So if you are not a GHBot member but would still like to get the weekly selections as the trials finish then watch out...

...Because I will be opening Racing Selections shortly to a limited number of people.

But to find out the details you will need to be on the “Weekly System” list which you can join here:

Or here :

If you are already a GHBot member then you get them as part of your membership.



P.S. Here is another one of the systems you can have a look at: