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Wednesday is the day I write for the daily punt and give the readers a free system.

This week’s is based around our - place ratings cards.

It’s more of a “method” than a system.

It’s based around:

* 2 Ratings

* Number of runners

* Days Since Last Ran (DSLR)

* Last 3 form figures

* Steamer at 11.30 am

It’s more of a method than a system because I am still not sure about the “Steamer” idea (But it seems to work)...

...And DSLR is probably a little restrictive at 8 to 49.

I am also sure you could use other form information to help clarify a selections.

I am calling this new idea “Place Sixes and Sevens” 

You can see the details here:



P.S. The BF Timer Price tool I told you about earlier this week should be available in the member’s area sometime today.