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NEW Betfair Timer tool.

This is the latest bonus we just added to the GHBot members area.

With the Betfair Timer Tool you can record prices of all horses running at Betfair from every 1 minute to every 5 hrs.

This information could show you the best time to bet on your runners or even give you valuable trading information.

Betfair timer tool help
 First choose how often you want the software to record the market.

The timer is based on minutes so 180 minutes is every 3 hours.

2. Choose file type .csv or .txt

.csv stand "comma separated values" and is the one normally associated with spread sheets.

The file is saved using the date and then the hour and minute when it was saved.

So during any day if you leave it running it will give you multiple files.

3. Enter your betfair username and password and then click login.

Notes: You can install multiple copies of the software if you want just even copy the folder and then rename or re-install giving a new path.

If you have any suggestions for updates please use the comment form below.

Please note: This is a short trial before adding them into the Grey Horse Bot members area.