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Find winners in 8 runner or less races...


Couldn’t get my roof fixed yesterday and then it rained in the night...

...Luckily no leaks but I hope I can get it done today.

2 months ago (September) I gave a weekly system away that was based around 8 runners or less.

October proved to be a good month showing 22.54 points profit.

This month hasn’t been as good but another winner yesterday put us up to 6 points profit.

Profit at least : - )

You don’t get a selection everyday with this system (only 19 this month) but it is quite consistent.

In fact this month strike rate is up to 26.32% but the average winning price is down quite a bit at 4.21.

Here is the info. 




P.S. You may get another email from me this afternoon.

As you know I am the” go to guy” for automation and often get asked to create bots for new tipsters.

Well I created one for a new site and as part of the deal I said I would mention his site when he goes live.

He emailed me yesterday and said it will probably be today.

So if he sends me the info I will pass it onto you later.