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Horse racing betting tips that return 30 points a month.

Sometime ago I did some research to my readers who bet on the horses and asked the question:

How many points a month are you trying to make from your horse racing betting?”

As an average the answer was 30 points.

So I thought it would be a good idea to tell you how I think you could get to that figure.

But let us start with the basics.

What are horse racing tips?

Mostly tips come to you in three ways.

  • From a tipster or someone who seems to know what they are talking about.
  • From learning to pick winners yourself.
  • Creating your own step by step system.

Tipsters are really popular and you can find them on official horse racing betting sites like the racing post, sporting life etc.

The Racing Post does a “Tipster Challenge” and you will find that most of the tipsters make a loss each season and even if they don’t, be prepared for long losing runs.

Once you get on a few email list just from roaming the web it won’t be long before you get offered a chance to sign up to someone tipster service.

You will also find people giving away racing tips in forums and review sites like Tipster Index.

And of course you can create your own systems using some of the bonuses available on this website.

You’re own tips or someone else’s?

You really need to be careful and make sure you thoroughly research the service you are being offered.

This is not always easy. But as these services can range from £10 a month to several £100 then you want to be sure.

Although you may just be looking at the profit the tipster is boasting about, you can tell a lot from their past results and they are worth studying.

A low strike rate can mean long losing runs which means if you stake to much you could run out of money very quickly.

There is also what is known as the “Tipsters curse”.

This is when a tipster first takes a service live.

It appears that they often go into a losing streak for a couple of months.

Sometimes they do recover…But not always!

If you took the time to learn to pick winners yourself you would probably find that with a little research you could get reasonably good at doing it.

The trick is to have patience and to “Paper Trade”. Pick out the bets as you would normally but just pretend to place them for real money.

The GHBot can actually do this automatically and reports the (Aprox) price you would have been given by Betfair if you had been betting live.

Finding your own daily selections?

There is nothing more fun than picking your own winners but it will take some work to find one.

Learning what to look for in a race and whether the horse you are looking at really can win will need some study time.

But it can be done.

Here are 5 of my top tips for finding your own horses to bet on.

  • Over 80% of winners come from the top 3 or 4 favourites. (So this is a good place to concentrate on finding winners)
  • Look at races where there is plenty of form information. (Handicap races are a good place to look)
  • Don’t just look at favourites. (Although they do win around 30 to 36% of the time the winnings are not normally that high.)
  • Look for horses that have shown they can win or place. (Horses that haven’t won before and consistently trail should be avoided unless you have a really good reason for betting on them).
  • Check how they performed in similar races before. (Ground condition, distance, course should all be taken into consideration)

The trick is to formulate your own method for picking runners.

What about your own system?

The other way of picking horses that have a chance to win is to create a system.

This is a method I am really fond of myself and have been doing it for over 12 years.

I also give away the selections to many of my systems on the GHBot website here:

Systems are generally a “Step by Step” process that leads you to one or more selections a day.

They are normally created by using past data which you analyse to find patterns.

Systems are by no means perfect and often your research can be flawed.

An example is when one big winner in the results can give a false impression of how the system performed.

Also past data can throw up abnormalities.

Courses can change.

Ground conditions can change.

Trainers and Jockeys go through good and bad stages.

You have to remember the saying…

“Past performance does not guarantee future results”

But with all that taken into consideration using past data to find possible future winners can work.

You only have to look at some of the systems I give away on this site to prove that you can find horse racing betting tips by researching past results.

Tools of the trade?

I use a number of tools to find my systems.

SPB system Builder
TJ profit Finder

Both of these are bonuses to GHBot members.

These allow you to quickly research our in house database that we have been running since 2013.

With over 450,000 records there is plenty of data for you to research.

Betting safely first?

You have probably heard the saying “that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

Well horse racing betting tips, system and tipsters are probably one place you may want to heed this warning.

Staking too much on one system or tips from one person can be a disaster.

Another saying you have probably heard is “Losing the shirt off your back”.

Well it’s not difficult to do that especially if you don’t understand what you can lose.

It is far better to split up your available betting bank among several systems so if one fails you may still be ok with the others.

Here are 5 top tips on betting safely but remember to contact if you are in any doubts.

  • Paper trade (yes I have said it before and I will keep saying it. Make sure you test.)
  • Small stakes. Don’t take any notice of the 10% crowed. (1% or less when you first start out and that should be based on your betting bank being split into 5)
  • If you do bet “live” then only bet on the selections you have chosen for that day. (Don’t chase losses. Except the loss and wait until you have a qualified next bet)
  • If you are backing or placing then you only have your stake to lose. (But if you decide to “Lay” bet or use an exotic bet then those losses can add up to much more).
  • Only use selections from a source you have researched and can trust.(Your own selections or those from a tipster you are sure has your best interest at heart)

But how do you get to those 30 points?

Over the last 12 years I have created a lot of systems for myself and clients and I can honestly say I get most success when I concentrate on finding systems that only produce 5 to 10 points a month.

These are normally “Place” systems where we use the Betfair market to back runners that may not win but have a chance of coming in the top 2, 3 or 4 (depending on the number of runners and type of race).

Or they are concentrating on the favourite or second favourite to win.

As I said earlier favourites can be very low prices. But you get plenty of winners and if you can just win a little more often that you would expect by research, then you have a chance of making a little extra.

I am not so successful with big priced winners (people like these because they presume they have value) or “Lay” tips (Just one loser or is that a winner? Can wipe out all your winnings quickly).

So my answer would be to ignore all the “Big Winner” hype that you hear all over the web and look for places where you get consistent winners.

Big winners don’t happen that often and generally you have to go through a lot of losers before hitting one.

Sometimes not getting back what you have lost already.

I know the “Value” hunters will be having a go at me at the moment but “value” is a very personal thing and you better know your stuff if you go out and search for it.

I am not saying you shouldn’t. But if you get the information second hand and not from your own study, then it will probably be too late!

On the other hand if you look around at some if the free horse racing betting tips on this website then you may find some that can help you reach that 30 points.

This link takes you all too all the current ones.


Will you make 30 points a month constantly from horse racing betting tips?

To be honest..No you probably won’t.

In all the years I have been doing this I have never come across a tipster or system that produces a profit every month.

But with careful study, patience and a willingness to test you will have a head start on many others that have tried and failed.

I have to finish off though with these words though…

“Gamble Responsibly”