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Testing Review of the MBot 2016
(Mystery Horse Bot)

As you have probably heard we create bots for a number of services as well as our own.
You may have even used one before.

Part of agreement when we create these bots is to do a 3 email promotion campaign.

The basic bot we use for many of these services has already been tested for years so we know it will work, but we like to run tests with the selections being provided by the vendor.

Our agreement with our customer is only to announce the service…

…We don’t have to actively support it unless we have good reason to.

And that’s what this page is about.

One of our recent customers commissioned us to create the “MBot 2016”.

We actually took over the project from an earlier developer and converted it to work with our own system.

We started our test on the 11/02/2016 as you can see from the screenshot below.

Screen shot 1 of the MBot 2016

And this next screen shot shows the results up to 22/04/2016

Screenshot 2 of the MBot 2016
(Please note our BF balance comes from our test account which runs multiple bots so has no bearing on the P/L which is the only figure that should be viewed.)

As with all our bot testing we start with under £2.00 betting and in this case just 10p a selection.

As you can see since we started the long term testing of the bot is up to 6.87 which is 68.7 points.

That’s at Betfair’s price just 60 seconds before the off and after commission which on this account is about 5%.
As I have already mentioned I don’t have to endorse a product…

…And if you have read my emails you will also know that I don’t often talk about any ones product but my own.

But going by our testing of MBot 2016 I think it is worth further investigation.
You can find out more here.

Until next time…