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This article is about a kind of "Dobbing" test I have been carrying out.

"Dob"(Double or bust) or dobbing is where you normally back a runner early or before the off and then try to lay it for half the back odds.

The lay side normally happens in-play when the prices are affected by the runners performance.

If you get a successful match then it doesn't matter if the horse ends up winning or losing you still profit.

There are a lot of variations on the theme which I will explain more as I build this article up over the next few weeks.

My test started with selecting runners using the linking methos from PR Ratings.

And then I set the trade up using GHBot.

It's now totally automated so all I have to is adjust the settings until I am making profit.

Here is a screenshot from some of the latest trades.

dobbing screenshot 1
I stated the original test on the 15/11/2016 and have been tweaking it as I go along.
 At the time of this screen shot I was around 9 points up.

Although it's not normal practice with dobbing (and I am not sure it is a good idea) I have also added a negative trade out if the price goes 80% or worse the other way.

Here are my GHBot trade-out settings.

GHBot trade out settings

I will explain more about this as I add to this article