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SPB System Builder Update 28

A couple of things you should know about this build...

The stake has be left as 2 points where normally I leave this set to 1 point.

The s28 links won’t work with the new multi-select tool yet.

In this update to the SPB System Builder we have added…

1st place win value (The prize money for the winner).
“Not” Courses (So you can deselect up to 10 courses)
We have also increased the number of Courses, Trainers and Jockeys you can select at one time to 10 each.

On the form screen we have changed Jockey Claimer to multi select.
(This allows better choice)

If you load in any saved files where you used Jockey claimer they will show but you need to add them to the multi select box and re save.

We hope you enjoy this new version.

Thank you as always for watching I really do appreciate it.


The Grey horse Bot and the SPB System Builder.
“What else do you need?...”