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Grey Horse Bot Place Ratings Bonus
Place Ratings

the place ratings alone are worth the price :-)"

Now Updated...

I suspect there are more you can do with these ratings than I am suggesting here.

Watch the "New Version for members." video below for info on how to use them.

New Video latest ratings

At the moment I am just comparing the rating figure of "Early rank" 1 or 2 and taking the highest selection as my place.

How to use the ratings

New Version for members.

I have been thinking of only sticking with races with more than 5 runners and I wouldn't take races where one or both of the figures are a minus.

If the highest is a NR then no bet.

These ratings will be going to a different place soon because they need a bigger page!
(Please make sure all columns have figures and "All" has OK before using the ratings )