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There are plenty of promises out there of “Great Systems” and “Profitable Guides” but unfortunately these sites don’t often deliver on their promise.

I mean how many FREE systems have you got on your computer that you haven’t even taken seriously?

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Well at the Grey Horse Bot site we like to do things a little different.

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Free Gift 1. "Daily Tips Software"

Don’t lift a finger to get your daily selections.

Our Free daily tips software delivers at least 2 (sometimes 3) systems to your computer everyday.

This includes our very popular "The 10 points a month system" and the
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We even follow these systems ourselves.

Free Gift 2. Who’s Hot and Who’s not daily cards”.

These cards are automatically generated 7 days a week and give you a way of seeing what Jockey and Trainers and Jockey/Trainer pairs are worth following at each course running that day.

You get cards to back and cards to lay.

This is up-to-date information from our database of over 180,000 runners and is updated daily.

Free Gift 3. "Jockey and Trainer league table cards".

Again these cards are created from our own growing database of horse racing records.

They give you the top Jockey and Trainers league tables based on the data contained in the SPB Horse Racing Database.

Broken into race types (Flat, Hurdle, Chase, AW and NHF) these cards show you who are the most profitable Trainers or Jockeys to follow (lay cards coming soon).

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