Two Twenty

If you’re a Grey Horse Bot member you don’t need to read this because you will continue to get these selections as a bonus for the time being.

If you are not…

...And you want to continue get these selections then read on…

 I have packaged the selections into a piece of software which you can use to download the selections daily.

This software includes one of our famous “Browser” links so you can pick the selections up on any webpage.

Two Twenty Sofware

(You can choose your preferred rating for the selections.)

The system is based around our in house ratings and seems to work best at around 220 to 260.

You can see from the results that you can either use all the selections or you can Stop at the first winner everyday.

We have also shown the results using a 123 etc staking plan.

Obviously we don’t endorse using any kind of staking recovery plan and we only show this one because:

1. It seems to work with this system
2. If managed properly it is quite low risk.

We suggest you put a maximum stop loss of 7.
(less is worth considering)

Added together…That it is 28 point loss if you reach 7.

We would still recommend that you only use a maximum of 1% of your bank with any staking plan.

Of course that is up to you personally.

But if you don’t like the risk…

…You can simply back all the selections or as we have even shown Stopping at the first winner works.

Ok still interested?

To be honest I changed the way I sell systems sometime ago.

It goes like this…

We trial all our systems openly for 30 days sometimes more.

If it’s good they go into the Grey Horse Bot member’s area…

But we also we give non members the chance to purchase a limited number of them.

Our limit for Two Twenty is 10.

Just £87.00 £67.00
 (1 year license)

(as always we do not actively use Paypal. But if you want to purchase using Paypal then just log into Paypal account and send £67.00 to
Will take up to 24 hrs to get your software link to you.)

Rather pay monthly?
(Check it out here)

If this system continues to perform as it has then it is probably worth a lot more than £87.00 £67.00

But if it does roughly what it has over the last 3 months then that’s 180 points for the year.

Although some sites like to put results up showing £100 stakes we know that for most punters it is nearer £10

So a system that cost you £87.00 £67.00 could end up earning you £1800 or more.

You have to agree £87.00 (£7.25 a month)  £67.00  (5.59 a month) is a pretty low price to pay for such a return.

It’s up to you.

But I am prepared to give you a Guarantee…

If you purchase “Two Twenty” today at £87.00 £67.00

…If after 3 months (End of April) this system hasn't made any profit then I will give you Free, a 3 months subscription to any 1 of our services that you are not already a member of.

That includes Grey Horse Bot, TJ “Done for you”, Stop at a winner or any other service we have at that time

You can choose which one.

Click here to get one of the 10 remaining copies…

I am pretty confident about the ratings we are using for this system and we think we have proven from the open testing that they have great potential.

So now is your chance to get your hands on one of the 10 8 copies remaining.


P.S. If you know me then you do know that I take these things of sale as soon as we have reached the limit.

I am not sure how quick they will sell but when they are gone they are gone.

No Refunds...We have openly tested this system it is purchased at your own risk.

No Guarantees (apart from the pick your service one)...It a betting system. But it is based on ratings not me picking them!